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Gold Hardware: A Guide For All the Shades and Styles

Updated: Jan 20

Gold is always the best tool to create the luxury we've all dreamed of. It's elegant and rich and certainly enhances the overall aesthetic in every room. Still, it isn't only rich in appearance, it's also quite rich when it comes to different shapes and variations, and it can get a little overwhelming. But do not worry! Today, we are here with a guide to help you understand all of it and choose the perfect golden hardware for you. So if you've been looking around forever and you have found all these names and labels like champagne bronze, muted brass, royal gold, keep reading!

There are a lot of names for gold shades, so that you will see a lot of different name combinations for golden hardware. Let us give you a little secret: they are usually not the official names of the color and merely a label the brand has chosen. So you are right to be confused. They are confusing! So today, we will narrow it down to the material to explain the differences a little better and hopefully help you in your hardware selecting journey!


Let's categorize gold hardware by material:


This is perhaps the most straightforward one! Gold hardware will sometimes be gold-plated metals or rarely fully gold, but it will have a pretty neutral hue but a strong contrast. The finish, however, might change from product to product, and you may see matte, satin, or gloss options, but there, the decision is just up to your preference and won't have a dramatic effect overall! No matter which finishes you prefer, the gold hardware is perfect for the luxurious feel and glam styles as the color makes it bold and rich, and the neutral hue keeps it modern!



If you want a louder color for a lower price, brass is your friend most of the time! (Yellow) Brass is often used as an alternative to gold as its color is often almost identical, yet its price is much, much lower. The main difference is that brass hardware will have a yellow-dominated hue and higher saturation, making it slightly louder. Hence, it is commonly used for Victorian or Midcentury styles where you can afford to go loud on the hardware! Again, you may see different names for different finishes or slightly different tones of brass, but that is entirely up to your preference!



And here it is, the latest trend! Golden nickel is the muted alternative to other gold options, as it has a whiter undertone and low saturation. It is subtle and elegant. Have you ever heard of champagne gold? Maybe a dozen times? Yes, this trendy color name is often referred to as golden nickel hardware. Because of the subtleness, incredibly golden nickel is perfect for contemporary and especially minimal styles. It is a very subtle touch of elegance and sophistication, just the right amount of luxury! Although it can come in many finishes, it is most commonly used in satin or matte finishes, but either way, it's beautiful, and the choice is yours!


As you can see, there is no need to stress about the thousands of names the gold hardware have! With this simple guide, you can quickly narrow your options down and understand the products a bit better. But if you still need a hand, we are always here, and we have new hardware content all the time, so check us out on social media! @Kairos Cabinetry

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