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Guide to Choosing Bathroom Hardware Part 2: Choosing the Right Style


Although bathrooms tend to be forgotten about or pushed into the background in the design processes, let's face it. They can add a lot to your overall aesthetic and take your home to the next level. In our previous blog, we've given you some tips and tricks to choose the perfect hardware color for your bathroom (click here), but how about we take things further and find the ideal style to create the beautiful bathroom you've been dreaming of all this time?


NO. 1 Match the geometric shapes!

Perhaps the easiest trick in the book is to match everything in a room. However, you don't need to match everything to create a beautiful and conscious style. Shapes are always an easy way to develop the perfect coordination among the items in the room, especially the bathrooms! Because if you think about it, you have a lot more opportunities to be playful with the different shapes there. Think of the shape of your mirror, the floor tiles, the shape of the bathtub, the shower tiles, cabinets, accessories, lights… If there is a dominating geometry in the bathroom, choosing the hardware in the same shape or form would create perfect harmony and complete your style, just like how the hexagon knobs match the hexagon tiles perfectly in the image above!


NO. 2 Follow the lines!

If you don't have different shapes in the bathroom or don't feel like enhancing that geometry further, another simple trick is to use similar linearity! How? Look at your sink or taps, for example. Do they have clean and sharp lines, or do they have curves and organic lines? Whichever one it is, you can match it with your hardware! Take the beautiful example above; there are no dominant geometries or repeating shapes; however, the handles perfectly fit the organic lines of the taps and the curves of the mirrors, contributing a lot to the modern and industrial aesthetic; of the bathroom!


NO. 3 Your secret weapon: textures!

Textures often go overlooked, but they can play into the whole vibe of the room. For an industrial look, for example, you may want to go with worked metal textures. Or, for a more luxurious feel, you can choose from sophisticated minimal textures, just like our client did in the image below! These small details will make it all come together by contributing a lot to the overall style of your bathroom and enhancing your design language with easy yet intelligent moves!


Once again, do not forget that these are meant to be helpful tips for you and not strict instructions, and as long as you know what you want, you cannot go wrong! We have a lot of guides for you in our blog, but if you still feel stuck, don't worry! There is more hardware content coming your way! For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram @KairosCabinetry; providing and installing cabinet hardware is all we do!

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