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New Trend Alert: Decorative Hardware!

As we always say: hardware is the jewelry of your home. Just in any outfit, no matter how chic you dress, without jewelry, it's almost incomplete, and that last little touch could change the whole vibe! Hence, you can use hardware in more than one way and be very smart with them. Apart from their primary function and aesthetic mission, hardware can also be used more intensely and strategically. Today, we will talk about decorative hardware and how we can use them as more than handles!


But what is decorative hardware?

You might be thinking, but can't all hardware be decorative? We choose the most beautiful ones after all! The answer is yes and no. Yes, of course, they are always a significant contribution to the overall decor of the interior. But no, they aren't always statemented pieces. When we talk about decorative hardware, we use the product as decor elements primarily before their function.



There are two reasons you might be interested in this new, exciting trend of decorative hardware.

NO. 1 Bold yet easy!

Decorative hardware, as you see in these images, can be very bold statement pieces that are extremely easy to use to create that boldness you are seeking. It's that one simple touch that can change everything. So you may want to give this a shot if you are after that artsy look!

NO. 2 Postmodernism!

We have talked and given some great tips about postmodern interiors before in our blogs! (Click here!) If you've read them, you know that postmodern maximalism is all about having and being more. It's about using everything that appeals to the eye beyond its function. Hence, decorative hardware is a perfect tool to create a postmodern look!



If you think that this is a brilliant idea, but you are not sure exactly how to use it in your home, we have more tips for you!

NO. 1 Use it carefully!

If you want to use decorative hardware as statement pieces, you must use them carefully. Statement pieces are only statement pieces because they are rare and bold. Hence, choose where you want to use decorative hardware in consideration. You may want to go with one unit per room only and make it different than anything else! The cabinet in the image above is a perfect example of this: one statement piece that stands out and changes the whole atmosphere!

NO. 2 Sky is the limit!

The sky is the limit if you want to use decorative hardware to create the maximalist look! But, as we've already mentioned, there are no limitations to maximalism and creating the postmodern look. You can use the hardware anywhere and everywhere; it's entirely up to you. But, of course, you need to go a little bit crazy to create a crazy look, and that's the beauty of it!


As you can see, these very trendy items can be used in many ways. Still, each time you will have a beautiful outcome! Hopefully, our tips can help you choose and use decorative hardware, but do not forget, these are only helpful tips and not strict instructions, and there is no wrong or right if you know what you want!


But, if you still feel stuck, don't worry! There is more hardware content coming your way! For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram @KairosCabinetry; providing and installing cabinet hardware is all we do!

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