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Traditional Design Styles and How to Achieve Them: Vintage

Updated: Jan 20

In all of our blogs so far, we've given you numerous tips and tricks for choosing the proper hardware for your style, however mainly having talked about modern techniques, let us help you create your dream vintage look in our new "Traditional Styles" series!

A vintage interior style can be defined as the old living in the new, or in other words, retro items creating a timeless look referring to the old times. Vintage, as a term, is often used to refer back to 50-100 years ago. In design, however, it can be simplified to anything and everything that feels "old," that is beyond our time and modern frames, which, perhaps is why it can be such an exciting look for an interior; as it's usually full of layers and surprising combinations throughout. If you also think it sounds exciting, let us help you choose the proper hardware for a vintage-style look!


NO. 1 Less is a bore!

Less is a bore when it comes to old times and vintage styles! Vintage styles have layers and a beautiful sense of complexity to them. Hence, the hardware that goes with it is also quite detailed and often feminine. It can come in many different shapes dimensions, complemented by organic curves. This means a mix and match between handles and knobs are highly recommended to achieve a more detailed and diverse look! The image below is an excellent example of how slightly feminine and complex hardware creates the traditional vintage look in your home!


NO. 2 Natural colors are a must!

As we always say, as long as you know what you want, there is no limit, of course! However, an excellent tip to follow would be using a natural color palette for most of the room when creating a vintage style to go with the commonly used raw materials, like wood. Wooden features are often used for vintage styles in every shape and color! Hence, a color scheme to go with it could help create a balance. Our client in the image below, for example, has chosen a muted bronze color for their hardware to complement their beautiful wooden cabinets and enhance their beauty!


NO. 3 Texture could be the final touch you need!

Although often overlooked, textures can change a lot! In this case, you can use different textures and finishes to your advantage to create that old and used look. Matte and rusty finishes and other textures can create the perfect vintage piece, and with that one small detail, you can contribute a lot to the room's overall aesthetic, just like the image below!


As you can see, traditional styles are pretty easy to obtain with good tips! We hope that this guide can help you more in choosing the perfect hardware for your home in your interior design journey. But if you need any further help, do not worry; we are here for you! We have a lot more hardware content for you! For more inspiration, you can follow us on Instagram @KairosCabinetry. Hardware is all we do!

If you are in the Dallas-Fortworth Metroplex and want some help, book a FREE virtual consultation with one of our experts now!

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