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What areas do you service?

We service the entire DFW Area Metroplex! We service anywhere within a 2-hour radius of Dallas. This Includes Up to Denison!

Does Kairos provide hardware?

Yes, we do! Check out our collection page to choose your hardware. If you need help choosing your hardware give us a call today or book a free text consultation on our booking page.

Yes, we will! We can install any hardware that you already purchased or will purchase! We would love to help!

The installation time depends on the amount of hardware needed to be installed. The average time is 2 hours for 25-50 handles. 60+ handles may take up to 4 hours.

How long does installation take?

Go to our menu and hit Book Online! This will give you access to our schedule. You will be able to see our current availability and choose the best day for your installation. Feel free to add your information and reserve your slot!

How soon can I get on the schedule for installation?

How much does handle installation cost?

The cost ranges from $8- $10 per handle installed. The cost depends on the amount of hardware you need to be installed. The more you need to install the less the install cost per pull.

Will Kairos install the hardware that I provide?

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