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Enhance Your Living Space with Soft Close Hinges: A Guide to Selecting and Installing Quality Cabinets

Soft close hinges are a convenient solution for those who tend to close doors with force. They are particularly useful in small spaces like studio apartments or tiny homes due to the quietness they provide. Additionally, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that your cabinets are of higher quality than your neighbors'. In this guide, we will discuss the process of selecting, installing, and upgrading your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with soft close hinges to enhance your living space and set your home apart from lower-quality residences.

Let's delve into the reasons why you should consider incorporating soft close hinges in your cabinets:

1. **Protection from Wear and Tear:** Constant slamming of doors can lead to wear and tear, especially in households with children. Soft close hinges prevent this damage by absorbing the force and gently closing the door every time, eliminating the need for cabinet baby locks and reducing the risk of paint chipping.

2. **Noise Reduction:** The quiet operation of soft close hinges minimizes disruptive door slamming, creating a peaceful environment in your home. This tranquility is particularly appreciated at night when you don't want to disturb others with loud noises.

3. **Upgrade to Premium Quality:** Opting for soft close hinges is a way to elevate the quality of your cabinets and differentiate your home from standard builder-grade constructions. By making this small upgrade, you are customizing your living space to reflect your preferences and investing in a more refined home environment.

Soft close hinges come in various types, each suitable for different cabinet configurations:

- **Full Overlay Soft Close Hinges:** Adjustable and lightweight, ideal for new builds but may not fit cabinets with shelving near the center.

- **1/2" Overlay Soft Close Hinge:** Universal and straightforward, suitable for most cabinets but may require precise measurements for proper installation.

- **90 Degree Soft Close Surface Mount:** High-quality hinges that do not require hinge holes and are best for frameless European cabinets.

- **Frameless Full Overlay Soft Close Hinge:** Similar to regular overlay hinges but designed for frameless cabinets.

- **Lazy Susan Overlay Soft Close Hinge:** Specifically for traditional frame cabinets with Lazy Susans, ensuring smooth operation without limitations on opening capacity.

When installing soft close hinges, ensure you have the necessary tools and follow a step-by-step process to achieve optimal results. If you find the installation process too complex, consider hiring professionals like Kairos Cabinetry for expert assistance. Remember that proper maintenance, such as tightening loose screws, can prolong the lifespan of your soft close hinges.

In conclusion, while acquiring and installing soft close hinges may require time and effort, the benefits they bring in terms of functionality, durability, and aesthetics make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you choose to DIY or seek professional help, ensuring the job is done correctly will enhance your living experience and add value to your home.

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