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Countertops & Cabinet Hardware: How to Choose the Right Hardware to Complement Countertops?

Updated: Feb 19

When choosing our cabinet's jewelry, we might need some extra clues to help us decide which beautiful hardware to go with. As we mentioned in previous blogs, there are a few ways to select the perfect complementary hardware for your kitchen, and we talked about light fixtures and how to match them to create a unified design before (click here to read it)! Today, let's look at another significant factor in the kitchen that could secretly affect the whole atmosphere: countertops!


No. 1. Let's start with the obvious: The color!

Perhaps the easiest way to pair our hardware with the rest of the kitchen is by following a specific color scheme. Giving attention to your countertop's color(s) and selecting handles or knobs that compliment it could create a big difference. Take the beautiful kitchen we've done in the picture above as an example (Fig. 1); choosing black handles to compliment the black stone pattern of the countertops created harmony among all the items and created a beautiful and controlled contrast in the rest of the kitchen. Color is always a powerful tool; it, however, shouldn't limit your creativity but help boost it by giving you safe options to achieve a great design!




No. 2.Perhaps the most crucial aspect: The style!

Of course, the style is one of the main elements. Therefore, considering the style of your countertops could help you choose the perfect hardware to go with it to achieve the atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen! A perfect example of this is how this beautiful and classy countertop you see in the picture below (Fig.2) was matched with our golden hardware that's more on the traditional and classic side to match its style and create a cozy and sophisticated look!



No. 3.The subtle definer: Shapes!

Finally, if there are any dominant shapes in your countertops, these could be a great help! For example, choosing geometric handles when you have triangles or hexagons on your countertop would create a subtle match between the two. Or, if you have marble countertops, for example, you could choose curvilinear hardware to match the softness of the marble pattern and create a very easing look in your kitchen.


Keep in mind that these are only helpful tips for choosing the proper hardware for you, and there is no right or wrong as long as you know what you want and what you want to create! So if you still have trouble deciding, don't worry. We have a lot more hardware content for you! For more inspiration, you can follow us on Instagram @KairosCabinetry. Hardware is all we do!

If you are in the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex and want some help, book a FREE virtual consultation with one of our experts now!

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