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Light Fixtures & Cabinet Hardware: How to Choose the Right Hardware to Complement Light Fixtures?

Many elements make up a fully realized kitchen. As we know, cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the cabinets; light fixtures, however, are the home's jewelry. Marrying the two is the easiest way to instantly elevate your home and take the average new build to custom! So we've put together a simple "how-to" to help you choose the best cabinet hardware that matches your light fixtures.

No. 1 Let's Choose the finish.

When choosing the right hardware finish, you can choose to do two different things.

1. You can try to match the exact finish of your light fixture to your cabinet hardware; as close as possible.

2. You can choose a complementary or contrasting color.

It can be challenging to match the finishes exactly, especially with gold tones. However, you can always find a match as close as possible.

No. 2 Let's Choose the shape.

The shape of your hardware can easily mirror the shape of your light pendants. Light fixtures that are more rounded will look favorable with rounded hardware. Light fixtures that are more squared or geometric will favor squared or geometric hardware. So definitely think creatively about the shape of your light fixtures for inspiration for your hardware.

No. 3 Be Observant and Meticulous

"Big things are accomplished only through the perfection of minor details." Therefore, it's vital to pay attention to the minor details of your light fixtures. For example, observe the style of your light's canopy, tubing or chaining, pendant holder, shade, or glass. These small parts of the pendants creatively inspire your hardware selection.

Hopefully, this simple, precise "how-to" guide empowers you to start shopping for cabinet hardware today! But, if you still feel stuck, don't worry! There is more hardware content coming your way! For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram @KairosCabinetry; providing and installing cabinet hardware is all we do!

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