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Modern Design Styles and How to Achieve Them: Minimalist Modern

We all love a little bit of modernism, especially in our homes! But, would you like to do a little more than appreciate the aesthetic? In this series about modern design, we will learn about different styles of modernism and talk about how to achieve that perfect look we desire. Modernism in interior design can be divided into various sections, like midcentury modern, minimalist modern, industrial modern, etc. So, today, let's begin our series with minimalist modern styles and learn how to choose hardware to create it inside our home!


First, what is Minimalism?

In the design world, Minimalism means simplicity in both form and function. It's uncomplicated, functional, and beautiful, like an uncluttered interior that has all the essentials and the aesthetic without being too much in any sense. In other words, less is more!

But how can we achieve a "minimalist" modern look? Let's have a look at it step by step.


NO.1 Focus on the essentials.

No matter how beautiful our handles might be, if you want to achieve a minimal look, you may want to think about the size you want in your kitchen! Because having too bulky hardware could create a more complex look taking away from the simplicity. To achieve a minimal look, you'd need to get functional and straightforward jewelry for your home, as our dear customer Tinsley did with hers in the picture above!


NO.2 Go after clean lines!

Minimalist design focuses on function and practicality. With clean lines and simple touches, you can create bold beauty in your home. You should select pure and simple hardware in all shapes or forms to achieve this aesthetic, staying away from glamorous or patterned handles. The image above, for example, is a beautiful example of how simplicity can create a strong statement in your kitchen with a perfect touch of Minimalism!


NO.3 Monochromatic color palettes are your friend!

As we mentioned before, the primary purpose of a minimal modern style is to achieve an uncluttered and simply beautiful look. Hence, by not going for strong colors or distinct contrast between hues, we can achieve a balanced and uncomplicated look that is also easy on the eye in our interiors. A few tips for the monochromatic palette could be choosing the color of your hardware based on the color of your cabinets, countertop, or other hardware you might have in the room. This way, you will create a beautiful harmony and flow between all the elements and achieve an overall minimalist modern look while being calmingly beautiful, as you can see in the following images!



Keep in mind that these are only helpful tips for choosing the proper hardware for you, and there is no right or wrong as long as you know what you want and what you want to create! So if you still have trouble deciding, don't worry. We have a lot more hardware content for you! For more inspiration, you can follow us on Instagram @KairosCabinetry. Hardware is all we do!

If you are in the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex and want some help, book a FREE virtual consultation with one of our experts now!

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