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Modern Design Styles and How to Achieve Them: Postmodern Maximalist - 2022's Trend!

Modern interiors are definitely on the rise more than ever now, and we love them! In our modern design series, we've already talked you through minimalist styles (click here!), but how about minimalism's worst enemy, maximalism? Minimalism has been trendy in 2021, but most trendsetters are leaning towards something very different now, and postmodern maximalism seems like it's going to gain more and more popularity, potentially becoming the primary trend of 2022!


So what is postmodern maximalism?

When discussing minimalism, we mentioned the well-known quote of one of the best architects in history, van der Rohe, "Less is more!" However, maximalists think that "less is a bore!" Hence, postmodern maximalism is all about maximizing everything, achieving controlled chaos, if you will! A cluttered design, colorful, playful, bold, and in your face.

If that sounds like you, let's look at a few tips to achieve the postmodern maximalist look!


NO. 1 Colors are your friend!

The more vibrant, the better! Maximalists love using colors everywhere, of all hues. You can't be shy when using colors, but you still need to be careful when mixing and matching, and your hardware can help you! When choosing your home's jewelry, you can also experiment a little. A good example would be using the same handles but different colors. With that bit of a twist, you can easily create the "controlled chaos" we talked about! Or, to stay on the safer side, you can choose bold colors that will stand out to enhance every detail, every color, like the image above!



NO. 2 Let's create more excitement with different textures and materials!

Postmodern maximalism is about using every single design element we can use. So naturally, texture and materials play a significant role in making a difference with tiny details. As human beings, we experience interiors with all our senses, including touch! You'd be surprised how much this underrated feature could contribute to your house and your style. As you can see in the below image, our textured handles could be that small detail in the room to create a whole different atmosphere and help you complete that postmodern look!



NO. 3 You have a secret weapon, shapes!

Perhaps the best way to be as playful as possible, shapes! We are all used to seeing color mix and match works, but only a few of us would be bold enough to mix and match shapes! With this bold yet easy move, you can quickly enhance the postmodern maximalist look. Let's look at the kitchen above, for example, and see how much of a difference the different shapes of the handles create. You don't need to be that eccentric, of course! You can play with shapes in the image below and make your kitchen beautifully different with slightly simpler hardware like our new Luxe Line handles/knobs!



I guess we can all agree that the key for postmodern maximalism is saying yes to more and staying away from simple! However, as we always say, please keep in mind that these are only helpful tips and not strict instructions. There is no wrong or right as long as you know what you want and your style! We are always here if you need an extra hand; we keep creating new content for you! Handles is all we do! @KairosCabinetry

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and want some help, book a FREE virtual consultation with one of our experts now!

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