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Elegant Undercabinet lighting


This package is or our decisive clients who want lights...period. You simply choose the temperature and cut them on and off as needed.

Undercabinet lighting
Warm undercabinet lighting
Dallas undercabinet lighting
Beautiful Dallas under cabinet lighting
Undercabinet Lighting
Kitchen with undercabinet Lighting
White kitchen with warm lighting

Simple Single Lights

Cabinet lighting not only enhances the visual appeal of your space by highlighting décor and creating a cozy ambiance, but it also improves functionality by making it easier to locate items in cabinets, especially during the evening or in dimly lit areas.

Simplistic Lights

Pricing and Add-Ons

Your undercabinet lighting project is fully customizable. You can add items or stick with the base to suit your price range. 

Simple Single Light Base

This includes All Simple Single Light features applied solely above your countertops. The lighting will be seamless and pointed at a 45-degree angle to diffuse light evenly.


Simple Single Light Above/Upper

This includes everything in the Simple Single Base Package plus above the cabinets. This Adds another level of Ambiance and Dimension to your space.


Simple Single Light Footkick

This includes everything in the Simple Single Base Package plus the footkick. This lighting is useful for early morning or late night kitchen trips and it looks absolutely gorgeous. 


Simple Single Light with Motion Sensors

This can be added to everything in the Simple Single light Base Package plus Motion Sensor capabilities. Your lights will be triggered by movement and will auto-shut off after all movement has stopped. 


Simple Single Light with Voice Activation

This can be added to everything in the Simple Single Light Base Package plus Voice Activation capabilities. Using Hey Google or Alexa, cut your lights on and off  and even change their temperature simply with your voice 


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