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How to Choose Midcentury Modern Hardware?

Updated: Mar 15


On our journey with modern interior design styles, so far, we’ve covered the two big sisters: minimalism and maximalism. But how about the middle child? Today, we will talk about the style that is always trendy and always chic: midcentury modern.

Midcentury modern is the go-to design style for those who love a little bit of classic and traditional but would like to still keep in touch with the new. First introduced in the 50s, this style is perhaps one of the most timeless ones. But how can you create it in your own home? Let’s have a look at our tips!


NO. 1 Create a relationship between the new and the old!

Midcentury modern hardware can be seen as a meeting point between the old and the new. A little bit of modernism spread through the classic, vintage vibe. Like minimalism, it’s about functionality and clean lines, but with midcentury modern styles, we are crowning our places with more decoration, more color, more shapes while maintaining the balance. Our advice would be to always go with the timeless pieces for your hardware like our client did in the picture above, as it’s the critical point of this style, and maintain the relationship between the new and the old throughout!


NO. 2 Colors play a significant role!

Colors are always essential tools when creating an atmosphere; however, they have a subtle yet crucial role for modern interiors in the midcentury. Colors are mainly used to create a stable flow between the design features. The designs come together using natural and pastel colors without losing their wow factor. The image above is a perfect example of this! Our client has created an ideal flow in their kitchen by using subtle tones and complementary colors throughout. They ended up with a beautiful kitchen and a perfectly formed midcentury modern style!


NO. 3 Finding the balance is critical!

Overall, finding the balance between all the features creates this style. It starts with finding the balance between the old and the new, vintage and modern, minimalist and decorative, and it becomes the balance between the shapes, textures, colors. In a way, you need to control the contrasting factors to create a natural flow throughout. Your hardware can help by being the binding element here. As you can see in the image below, they can act as the minimal contrast agents to add that bold touch to your kitchen while maintaining the overall balance.


Midcentury modern will, without a doubt, always be timeless and elegant. While these tips can be helpful to create this style, please keep in mind that these are only quick tips and not strict instructions. There is no wrong or right as long as you know what you want and your style! We are always here if you need an extra hand; we keep creating new content for you! Handles is all we do! @KairosCabinetry

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